Projects that I helped. . .

#Crack Propagation
Self-healable Dielectric Elastomer with AgNWs Electrode
Dielectric elastomer with silver nanowire electrodes possessing the scar-like ability. This DE membrane can tolerate the failures by both electric breakdown and mechanical rupture. The DE actuator can maintain their performances of force and displacement output after multiple failures.
#Soft Robot
#Untethered System
Soft Swim-Bladder Robot Driven by Dielectric Elastomer
Dielectric elastomer membrane with a balloon like shape in the soft robot can deform with large actuation, changing the total volume and buoyant force of the robot and can stabilize at a designated depth.
#Non-linear Wave
Metamaterial for elastic soliton waves
We study the nonlinear propagation of mechanical waves in a chain structure with rigid bodies and soft hinges. It is built by LEGOs pieces and plastic shims, which makes it easy to assemble and highly tunable